Tony, from Pimp to Advocate Against Trafficking

Today we will be talking to Tony, who will be sharing openly about his life experience as a pimp and a drug dealer. He will be answering questions like what led him into this kind of lifestyle, why he decided to pursue it and later, leave it. He will be discussing issues that not many dare talk about. The story will bring hope into a context where there seems to be none. We will be linking in with him all the way from Nigeria.

Interview with Ally-Marie and Zanande – Survivors of Prostitution

Today we welcome Ally-Marie Diamond who was born and raised in New Zealand, where she was groomed into the prostitution system as a child. She now speaks up as an advocate for the Nordic model of partial decriminalisation. She founded the Wahine tau rising, which is a survivor led group that supports those who have been, or still are being, exploited by the sex trade. Also joining us we have Zanande who is right here from South Africa. She is a survivor and a radical feminist who spearheads a survivor led network of about 300 women in the Gauteng province.

Interview with Anita du Plessis from Freedom Ports Alliance

Today we welcome Anita du Plessis. Anita will speak to us about the important role you play in forwarding information that you witness in your community in order to bring justice for the victims and prosecution against the traffickers.

Interview with Jessica McFall

Today we welcome Jessica McFall. Jessica will share from her first hand experience about the psychological and physical impact human trafficking has had on her. She will take us into the world of captivity but also on her journey of recovery and freedom.

Interview with Heidi and Ian Provo

They are parents of a daughter who was rescued from the gruesome grip of human trafficking. What is shocking about their story, they are what we would consider a normal suburban family- doing the best they can as parents and not once ever suspecting their family would fall victim to the tragedy of human trafficking.